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We just dropped a new trailer, new website, and new demos hosted here on Indiexpo!Hope you enjoy

New demo!Just published new builds for the demo here on Indiexpo. Check out the Kickstarter update for more details on the demo and the other exciting developments on the project:

48 hours left and 79% of the way there on Kickstarter. Early Bird slots left - get a copy of the game for cheaper than the launch price, as well as on Steam and DRM-free copies for Windows, MacOS, and Linux! #kickstarter #gamedev

Wow, #1 in the popular games category currently, that's really cool. Thanks for all the downloads, comments, and follows, we appreciate the support. If you have any friends that may be interested in this style of game, please let them know. Check out our Kickstarter for more gifs and an in-depth look at the story and also some of our goals for the game: respond to every comment so if you have questions or a request you'd like to see make it into the game, let me know.We are starting to build World 2 in the game and are very excited. Here is a mock-up of some of the in-game assets:

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