Tower of Heresy - Demo

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This is a RPG Game, made with Rpgmaker VX Ace with Hack'n Slash mechanics.​​
This title combines exploratory elements in a dark environment with classic RPG elements. #Actionrpg #hardcoregame #rpgmaker
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Hey everyone! SOOO the big day is arrived, the 9th of January Tower of Heresy was released! :D We are working on new contents to add on the game during this year, and we've already begun our second new title! If you're interested here is the Steam community: and here the official Steam page, where you can obtain your copy of the game!...
Tower of Heresy - Demo
Tower of Heresy - Demo
Tower of Heresy - Demo
Tower of Heresy - Demo
Tower of Heresy - Demo
Tower of Heresy - Demo
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LesGrossman (Livello 12) 2019-10-12
Amazing restyle. I remember the old version of this game
Agent44 (Livello 13) 2019-06-22
Change the engine selected
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