The Last Defense

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Tower Defense game with unique story. Magic and evil powers are threatening this world.Play as a king and defend your kingdom with the help with the five nations.
Lingua: English  
The Last Defense
The Last Defense
The Last Defense
The Last Defense
The Last Defense
The Last Defense
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kalindor (Livello 13) 2021-06-21
How many heroes to select?
Tails_Strife Verificato (Livello 14) 2021-06-11
ok this is a good idea but it has so much problems and bug, 1 when you play there isn't a button of "exit", you must close the application and this is annoying 2 in story mode after the earth magician description the arrow that allow you to go ahead doesn't work, 3 the button "skip the next wawe" doesn't work 4 the monsters are too much totally random and if you put ice magician tower before all you can't earn money anymore because she's too slow for attack, I hope that you fix these soon
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