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JawsOP (1592 Gemme) 2019-11-09

The physic of this game is the best part

indiexpo Addons (2761 Gemme) 2019-09-14

You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.



Click and Play!

DiesIrae (705 Gemme) 2019-08-13

great idea. who is the main chara? the idea is very original

DANILO MUMMOLO Profile (1745 Gemme) 2019-07-23

complimenti vinstriano ,bel gioco..

Han (392 Gemme) 2019-07-18

Very dark on my phone (Samsung galaxy)

TheBeast (1387 Gemme) 2019-07-10

great pixel art. the background is incredible. the design is perfect. amazing work.

Best IndieGames (4845 Gemme) 2019-07-06

This game is in the video about the 6 Best FREE Games of June 2019

GreenGolia (1036 Gemme) 2019-07-02

nice design! never played a game like this! I don't undestand why you used that sprite as main pg. it has no sense...even if it's so cute! GG

Tower of Heresy (668 Gemme) 2019-06-24

The graphics is really nice! Good job!

KingJhon (4503 Gemme) 2019-06-23

I don't understand how to block the ball

LoLo (69 Gemme) 2019-06-23

Waste of time. Flat gameplay, goal isn't clear.

BigBuckBunny Profile (166 Gemme) 2019-06-23

Amazing game, I love the physics and the graphics are really nice!

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