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Sclash is a plug’n play samurai fighting game full of tension where one hit means death.
Lingua: English  
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New demo update : - Fixed the issue that cosmetics had disappeared from the previous version, now they're back, different, new ones since we changed the system a lot and the unlockables since then. - Various minor tweaks & bug fixes - Tweaked a bit the characters' frame data for balancing That's all folks ! Enjoy the game ;)
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Sclash - Demo
Sclash - Demo
Sclash - Demo
Sclash - Demo
Sclash - Demo
Sclash - Demo
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Rooncave (Livello 6) 2021-05-04
Great game :)
Best IndieGames (Livello 17) 2020-06-08
This game is in the video about the Top 4 BEST NEW Indie Games of May 2020

YouTube Gameplay
CZ Games (Livello 9) 2020-06-02
Hey! I just tried your game and it looks and feels amazing! I'm glad to see another fellow developer who's interested in samurai games. I've made one myself too, it's called Way of the Sinner if you don't already know it. Anyway, good job and keep up with the good stuff! ^_^
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