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You're a lonesome astronaut in space. Your space station is hit by an asteroid and your goal is to make it to your escape pod and head back to Earth.
This is RetroScape. If you're a fan of portal, you'll love this game.
Disclaimer : The production of this game was entirely done in a week for Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2
As you traverse through your space ship, you must unlock each door to get to the next room. How do you unlock these doors? Well, in order to solve each puzzle, you realize you must go back in time to look for clues, get past debris, air holes, and many more obstacles. You must use your rewind ability, watch your oxygen levels, and health simultaneously as you try to solve our puzzles. And YES, every puzzle is solvable, don't give up. Even if it means that you must "trap yourself" in the present state ;)
There are many different mechanics in the game but we didn't make a tutorial intentionally. We want YOU to figure out how your ability works & how to solve our 10 puzzles.
WASD - Movement
E - Interactables
Q - Rewind
A lot of things in the game are interactable, which includes the following:
Buttons | Switches | Turret Switches | Cubes | Symbols | Oxygen & Health Packs
When you use your rewind ability, after moving in the past you teleport back to your original position in the present. This is key to solving some levels.
Turrets are activated in the present but deactivated in the past. Unless you turn them on in the past ;)
While in the past, your ships hull isn't breached, which means you don't lose oxygen while you're in the past. This is key to managing your oxygen.
Hull Breaches decrease your oxygen loss rate substantially. DON'T GO NEAR THEM in the (present state).
In order to get access to some cubes you must use a cube (maybe even multiple)

This build was last updated in the summer. This was a submission for a game jam. If you would like to see how far this game has come, check out our discord! Link:

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