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ThePresident (Livello 8) 2020-11-07
It is totally different from your new game. Same members?
Gameda (Livello 9) 2020-09-13
Not bad, but improve the description of your game.
Tails_Strife Verificato (Livello 14) 2020-09-12
I must reporting these bugs: when Stella asked you if you are ready for battle and you answer no her picture remain on screen 2 when you use double attack often doesn't appear the arrow commands
AngelStarStudio (Livello 8) 2020-09-10
Re-uploaded the game, everything works fine now. Thankyou for playing :)
lucyinthespace (Livello 15) 2020-09-09
Freezed during the first Now Loading screen
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