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Download Scarica


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RealTidus (Livello 11) 2017-06-27
I follow! I hope to hear news soon!
shawyadventures Profile (Livello 6) 2017-06-02
Looks cool, keep it up!
wobblyfootgamer (Livello 2) 2017-05-22
Great alpha. I thoroughly enjoyed it so here's the link to my walkthroughs. EnjoyPart 1
Part 2
MagicOz (Livello 10) 2017-05-10
too short.
Ste Profile (Livello 11) 2017-05-07
An absolutely wonderful game.
Cpsoft Profile (Livello 22) 2017-05-07
The game looks awesome and the atmosphere it creates it's magical. I'm very curious to see how the game will evolve in the future!
Fry2 Profile (Livello 12) 2017-05-05
I saw the video where he runs... how I can run ?
Best IndieGames (Livello 14) 2017-05-02
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Indie Games of April 2017
Chishi (Livello 9) 2017-05-01
Splendid is reductive the game atmosphere is absolutly gorgeous, can't wait for the final version
Freank Profile (Livello 14) 2017-05-01
This is only the first part of a game that can be huge! The pixel art is amazing and I love how you create this atmosphere throught the music, sounds and short dialogues! I hope to see soon new updates and areas to explore! I'm very curious to see the new worlds/ages of this game! And I know that we will meet soon at the #Svilupparty ! I can't wait! :)
ElBebo Profile (Livello 6) 2017-04-28
I have interpreted Naemo as a tribute for Hyperlight Drifter endowed with gameplay elements typical of The Binding of Isaac and games from the open-world genre. I believe in this project, see you at Svilupparty 17! ;)
Amir (Livello 13) 2017-04-28
Why now are there two links to download it? An update?
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