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The sun is dying.
The world is empty and cold, tainted with mazes and stone’s structures perfectly strung together.
The man disappeared and behind himself he didn’t left anything.
Machines quietly moves into the Wild Blue Yonder making screeching and angsty sounds.
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Eneman Nuovo (Livello 6) 2021-10-10
A very short demo but incredibly good. Very fluid moviments and animations, easy to play, very good pixel art
Gale (Livello 5) 2021-09-03
I like the "style" of this game. The rooms are perfect. You created a perfect dark world to explore. Saddly it is very short but this tech-demo is very very good. the animations are very fluid, the idea is good, the pixelart is great. Good work. I follow
wobblyfootgamer (Livello 3) 2018-10-20
I played this ages ago and really enjoyed it. I liked the "Dark" aspect of the game and once started, I felt I had to play to the end.
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