Mechs V Kaijus Mechs V Kaijus
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Pc white Scarica

Pc white Scarica


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Kaen999 (9307 Gemme) 2019-09-14

Nice demo. When the complete version going to be launched?

Sekayo (2655 Gemme) 2019-07-21


Best IndieGames (4662 Gemme) 2018-05-06

This game is in the video about the Top 4 Best Indie Games of April 2018

Fellowplayer Profile (22872 Gemme) 2018-04-30

Looks nice.

TyrionL (3566 Gemme) 2018-04-29

5/5. Is not possible to play it online? Using the webgl of Unity?

ronnye (3464 Gemme) 2018-04-29

Great game! The pixel art is incredible! Amazing artworks! Also the gameplay is good. It's not so hard to play, perfect

Karma (4169 Gemme) 2018-04-29

I loved the last Pacific Rim movie! I have to play it! Great pixel art!

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