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Lost InSight

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Pubblicato il: 24/06/2019


Rpg Maker MV

Lost insight, more than a game, is an experiment. It's the desire to tell a unique and abstract story: enter a world of strange characters and let yourself be drawn into a more personal story than you think.
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Lost InSight
Lost InSight
Lost InSight
Commenti (6)
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TheBeast (787 Gemme) 2019-07-10

this is an rpg game made very well with the rtp! Congratulations!

GreenGolia (1036 Gemme) 2019-07-02

interesting plot. I played the first minutes online. it's nice how you made great maps using the rpg maker assets. good work! good game!

Gatsu87 (3689 Gemme) 2019-06-29

Completed. it's good and with multiple endings. I will play it again. But there are few details not so good. This can be a 5, but now is a 4

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Lost InSight
Lost InSight
Lost InSight
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