Infested Infested
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Pc white Scarica
Pc white Scarica


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vinstriano Profile (1909 Gemme) 2019-06-22

html 5 pls? Best pixelart

Luis (8933 Gemme) 2018-01-23

oh, sooooooo good

Fellowplayer Profile (23624 Gemme) 2018-01-03

Its not often I see a monochrome style 2D game, looks like fun.

Marco Sacchetti (1226 Gemme) 2017-12-08

si vede che e' stato fatto molto di fretta

kalindor (2062 Gemme) 2017-12-07

the black&white design is good. even if I see different pixel art style. how many artists for this game?

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