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Version 2.021: Added a little spooky skull that turns red to indicate when to press F to shoot in the Clock Phase

Version 2.020: Added Naemo as playable character (only left), fixed a some bugs

Version 2.014: New cool animations added

Version 2.013: Now the game runs at 60fps - Added the "Report a bug" button on the bottom left of the menu.

Version 2.012: Fixed some bugs, now the clouds does not reset their position every round

Version 2.011: Moving clouds, Fixed VS Player Gamemode when someone wins

Version 2.010: VS Bot gamemode unlocked; Options bugs fixed; Characters position replaced; Now game runs in fullscreen automatically.

Version 2.003: Fixed the bug when players are both Houdini in the skillcheck phase nobody dies really

Version 2.002
-Fixed the clock skillcheck position

Version: 2.001
-Completely reveritten code
-New SkillCheck system
-New Menu
-New options
-Now 3 rounds are needed to win
-Added music and sounds

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