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⦁ Added improved Professions. You can access them on various interactables like anvils, tanery racks, etc
⦁ Added a lot of new items
⦁ Added that all daggers,fist, bows, crossbows, axes and swords have % to give bleeding by defualt
⦁ Added that all hammers, staffs and maces have % to give stun by default
⦁ Added Proffesion places in Tutorial Island so you can see how they look like.
⦁ Rebalanced all weapons and armors (gold and stats)
⦁ Ballanced Heavy Sword stats
⦁ Renamed "Stabby" to Stabby
⦁ Renamed "Phoenix" to Phoenix
⦁ Edited text in staffs
⦁ Edited Iron Bar icon so it looks different from Steel Bar
⦁ Fixed typo text in a event where you get shown a picture
⦁ Fixed collision in Woodpine so you can't walk on roof of the Lazarou house
⦁ Fixed crash when entering Woodpine Church Cellar
⦁ Fixed typo of Copper Arm Protector
⦁ Fixed invisible soldier in Highpoint that had text but no character
⦁ Bloody Red Scythe is now a tagged as spear
⦁ Imperial Army Gloves are now mail instead of cloth armor
⦁ Mythril War Hammer now has 10% Stun chance and TPRegen 4%
⦁ Slightly increased sounds in battle
⦁ Slightly reduced warning music when you almost dead in battle
⦁ Updated wood pile visualy and now it has a chance to give you twigs, wood, flint or rocks

New crash fixes are up

Hey guys! I just created Discord for the game to try and get people on same place so you can communicated with me and other players as much as possible.

Soon game will be on STEAM!!! Link will be posted! Don't worry all sites will be kept updated!
-Increased FPS to 120 this will smoothen the gameplay and will look faster. ( If any issue come, will have to rethink about it after future tests are concluded)
-Prices are now in odds like Coal was worth 10g now 1g, this is to have more freedom in value and having real worth.
-A lot of price balance changes for most of the items in game (exp.: Gold Bar 350-> 63, etc) since a lot of items where overpriced.
-Description of items changed a bit.
-Food and drinks have their value and stat rebalanced.
-Some weapon s and armor's balanced.
-New area Tyst Woodland.
-Edited areas of Glistening Cliffs, Bror Village, Woodpine, Highpoint, Driftwood Piers, Sunny Basin.
-Skill items price reduced (traps, holly water, holly scripture).
-Added new events and quests to old areas.
-Fixed few spells and skills not working properly.
-Reduced price of Ink(save)
-Reduced rewards from quests
-Increased hardest difficulty by x0.3% this is going to increase enemy stats a bit more and get people higher challange than others.
-In next update with Eterereburg City Kingdom there will be a new purchasable house. It has different advantages compared to the first purchasable house. This one is in the south part of the city and you can:
-sleep for free
-acess bank with no fees
-eat free food and drinks from time to time
-hire a cook for random food from time to time
-Hire a botanist that will give you various plants
-hire a blacksmith to give you random supplies and access to a forge and smelthing station
-hire a barman to give you expensive wine's or focus and regeneration potion
-chose to hire one of following :
a. Cleric can resurrect party members and remove curses and give youa ressurection potion from time to time
b. Healer can heal party and give a healing potion from time to time
c. Trader can sell you different stuff from time to time with cheaper price tag
If you hire 3 people you can play with them blackjack in your home
-added more pickaxes, shovels and sickels to the game in case you drop or sell them
-there is a big possibility that in next update after you defeat enemies like humanoids and animals, the body will stay on ground, this will be more aesthetic and flavor thing with slight possibility that you can loot the body again for loot, i will have to think this over also will need a lot of sprite editing, if anyone would like to help out I would need bodies facing the ground, female and male, white, black, grey and red race. Different hair colors and like few different colored clothes. For animals that would be wolf, bear for now, maybe 2 different skeleton piles 1 bones 1 with bones and a bit cloth around it. If anyone wants to support this endeavor you can donate so i can commission an artist since it will take a lot of time to do that and i have 0 artistic skills.
Donate here http://paypal.me/cookiesneedlove

​Hey people! I'm back! I managed finally to gather some money after almost two months and I got a new (used) pc!
I will start working as soon as tomorow and do some grinding for next few days to push out the update as fast I can, I will , as said before, push half of the update since I lost a lot of work. Will finish the things I had finished before pc burned out and post it and continue to re work again what I lost and then progress more.

Hey guy's! I want to write a news update about current state of the game. Right now I'm unable to work on the game or use my pc for past two weeks because my motherboard died on me and i can't get new one until i gather 30euro to purchaser it (that's big amount of money here and i Don't have a job plus covid-19 is killing me). I've been playing on my friends old pc that he don't use right now and my progress is on the broken one which i can't power on or transfer files because his hard disk metal bits that you plug in cable are damaged and could potentially break them and i don't want his pc to break.
Anyways, this is news for now and work will continue as soon as i gather money for a motherboard 13/30 right now. I think i will release update as it is with fixes that i have to finish and finishing remaining quest and eventst without releasing two kingdoms that I've planned for this update.
Also, keep in mind that in next update game name is permanently changed and the game will aslo come to Steam. It's free and always will be. I just need to finisb trailer, finish update and wait 2mandatory week's on steam store. All sites will continue to be updated alongside steam so don't worry.
Stay safe and hope to write an update soon

Hello people!
Almost 2 months have passed since last update and news, so here are some!
As you might notice, the title of the game has changed. As mentioned before in older post, the game will change name in next update.
Q: Why?
A:Well, the title in the past represented the story, there used to be one class and that's all. Now, the core game has changed some two years ago and story is changed too, your main character can be different classes, more open and evolving world.
Next update is coming really soon, I had planed to open two kingdoms, but, random power outage in the city two weeks back while working on the game, corrupted game files and I lost a lot of work and I had to delay for the update after this upcoming one. Those where sad and stressfull times, since I've spent that day some 16hours making quests, events and npc conversation, I've had even finished purchasable house in Etrereburg City Kingdom and that's gone too. That's enough for the sad stuff.
Now for the HAPPY news!
The game is coming to STEAM! Yey!
The game is free to play and always will be. Nothing will change, game changed the name to Dreams Of Adventure that's all. I will keep updating itchio, indiexpo and other sites and keep it up to date alongside with STEAM.
Currently status on STEAM: Making a trailer and having obligatory 2-3weeks on "Coming soon" status, finishing update and with launch the update will come with the launch.
Funding was done 80% thanks to you people and donations to pay the STEAM Direct fee and I wish to say THANK YOU ALL!
There is no need for any donation, unless you want to help out with purchasing new assets and donating to people who made scripts I'm using in game.
Full update note will come in next post!
Have a nice day!

Hey guys!
First of all, I want to say thanks to all who supported and donated this past 10 days and helped me to almost reach my goal of putting the game on STEAM. Currently we are at 79$/100$ needed for STEAM Direct and hopefully few more donations will come before the New Year so I can put game on STEAM to the end of January (STEAM requires 30 days waiting time to verify transaction or whatever).
Second. I've been working a lot more on the game since last update (and previous 2-3 months when I had all those issues. I'm working on a new Kingdom to open it up. Etrerburg City Kingdom will probably be out in next update or one after that, depending how much quests and events will take time to work out, since I will have to go back to other areas to to change events depending on players previous choices.
Also, I will be streaming the work on Twitch . If you want to drop by for some reason. I started streaming again after two years or so but casually like before, just to talk with people when I play.
Big NEWS now:
The game will have it's name changed from Forgotten Memories-Secrets of the Past to Dreams of Adventure!
Q: Why?
A: The current title used to represent the story in game, back then I had only one character/class that you could play as a main character. Since I've put updated to have 7-8 classes (there will be few more to come as I work), and changed to core of story and mechanics, I've decided to change the title to represent the change.
Q: Does the title have a hidden meaning?
A: Maybe, maybe not. It's up to you to think or play and judge by yourself.
Q: When will the game change it's name ?
A: Don't know, might be next update or one after that. I will put notice of that in other sites that I have the game on, the links will stay the same.
That's it! No more news for now, hope to see few people on stream to talk about the game or suggestions.
Have a nice day!
If anyone is willing to support you can do it here paypal.me/cookiesneedlove

Guys! We almost done it! The game is almost funded to get on STEAM! Last night after the update I got two donations of 5$ and 60$!!! So close! Hopefully there will be few more donations before new year so the game can go on STEAM around end of January. The game IS FREE and ALWAYS WILL BE! Need 15-20$ more. If you really want to help out and support paypal.me/cookiesneedlove

Hey people! The update is finally out! I took a long time due to various issues, from PC crashing while working and corrupting's my files, being sick for almost three weeks, forgetting to save, pulling USB stick before closing and corrupting to reinstalling PC and forgetting to move folder to other partition and removing it. As you can see a lot happened and it had been delayed a lot. I was glad to see that numbers for past month increased by 137 downloads on three sites together.
Current update was rework of some areas that where more or less placeholders that I had no time to rework. Now it's out with new looks and new events, people, quests, etc. This update should NOT require a fresh start so you can just MOVE SAVE TO NEW VERSION.
I also urge people to send me more information about issues, bugs since only around 60 bugs have been reported since last update (don't know if it's good or bad thing). Also, typos you don't have to bother, in next update I will continue to spellcheck more again.
⦁ Removed 2nd entrance to Highpoint
⦁ Updated Glistening Cliffs from the default generated area
⦁ Updated Bror Village from the default generated area
⦁ Updated Sunny Basin from default generated area
⦁ Reworked Driftwood Piers and added more quests and events
⦁ Fixed exit issue on Glistening Cliffs
⦁ Fixed Rangers Spell Camoflague and Beast Within to use TP instead of MP
⦁ Fixed Paladins Blessing of Wisdom spell to use MP instead of TP. Also, Spell now requires Holy Water to cast. Lasts 3-6 turns.
⦁ Added Holy Water item for specific Paladin spells. Can be bought in churches.
⦁ Added new cloth head and body armors
⦁ Added new leather head armors
⦁ Added one mage (cloth) hat. Next update will have more.
⦁ Added new shields
⦁ Added ESRB rating for those who are interested in. Especially for parents
⦁ Luck influences drops - Character who kills the last enemy has his Luck calculated to increase drop chance.
⦁ Added Sets to the game - Now if you equip required gear you will get a boost in stats. Right now sets items will be shown in book but in future will see to make a separate tab to show which set what belongs to. Also, more sets will be done in future as I make more gear.
⦁ Changed weapon: Champions 1H Axe > Champions 1H Mace so that more characters can wear it and add it to set
⦁ Casters can now use Spears
⦁ Plaguefang The Crazy Horror starting level is now LvL 1 like players. Previous LvL was 5. Since enemies gain LvL's and stats according to player LvL, now the fight should be more balanced. Same goes with Brawlers Guild, few creeps and bosses.
⦁ Fixed Liba Slutskiy when you win to give you option to get gear.
⦁ Removed the test party members in north Eterburg entrance and one in secret area.
⦁ Update the look of the border on world map next to the Obsidian Garrison to wall and removed the placeholder mountain path that represented border crossing
⦁ Added border crossing south of Bror Village and removed the outdate sign
⦁ Fixed Boots of Magic typo
⦁ Fixed Holly Necklace typo

Hello people!
New update is coming soon. I wanted to publish it way back about two-three weeks ago, but due my stupidity I lost the progress when I reinstalled PC I forgot to move game to other hard disc...
I worked hard two weeks to catch up back to where I left off. New update should be out around two weeks tops!

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