DreadStar DreadStar AugmentedIrreality
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Pc white Scarica
Pc white Scarica

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Cange (Livello 8) 2016-09-04
Woow ! Cool ! are you continuing it ?
Reim (Livello 6) 2016-08-27
Nice game! Very nice crossover!
Carir (Livello 10) 2016-08-25
very nice work ! The design and the gameplay are perfects ! A nice fusion !
Jonathan Fish (Livello 16) 2016-08-19
rpg + shoot em up ? Wow ! It remembers me xydonia (also on this website). It looks amazin ! Very great work !! But... .msi ? what's it ?
Staff Verificato (Livello 14) 2016-08-19
fixed video
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