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Devotion is a first person horror game, which takes place in an abandoned hotel that now houses the members of a cult.You control Amanda, a girl whose father owned the hotel before disappearing mysteriously five years ago. Vote for us on greenlight:
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NegativeSix Profile (Livello 2) 2019-09-10

I really like the atmosphere of your game. Do you have any words on what atmospheric aspect you spent the most time on.

Draker (Livello 1) 2017-05-25

Ho letto su steam greenlight che uno degli sviluppatori è Barese! Come non supportare un mio compaesano! Davvero bel progetto, oltretutto ho parlato di "Devotion" Anche nella mia top 5!

Best IndieGames (Livello 14) 2017-04-04

This game is in the video about the Top 7 Indie Games of March 2017

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