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cema12 (1031 Gemme) 2016-09-22

The draws are amazing! Improve also the graphics of the game! Don't use the RTP! It has a nice plot!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-15

the draws are amazing... but the game... oh... you should improve it fastly :(

YellowMadoka (41 Gemme) 2016-07-22

Simply awesome!

Alfonso Signori (16 Gemme) 2016-02-19

Really a great indie Rpg game! The style is cool and even the story is great. Good luck guys U'r da best!

Ducemille (35 Gemme) 2016-02-18

That's really cool. One of the best free RPG game I've ever seen. Keep On playin'

ZeroHit (95 Gemme) 2015-12-26

I really like this classic RPG style, the story is involving since the very beginning! It would have been more nice if there were more battle animations but it's fun anyway.

Gatsu87 (2507 Gemme) 2015-12-23

Wow ! The first screen is very cool !!!

Marius (3358 Gemme) 2015-12-14

I can't download it.... where is the link ? It doesn't work...

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