Play DA2: The Vortex DEMO

DA2: The Vortex DEMO

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DA2 is a story about revenge. takes place 1000 years after first DA. new link now uploaded and a minimap was added along with a new battle system. the new updates are not copatible with the old version so copying your old saves wont work. playing DA1 is not required for this game.
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i updated download link, this might be the full version but it doubt it. i havent used vanilla vx in a long time and misplaced my backup version for the program, i may relase an unencrypted full version at a later date
DA2: The Vortex DEMO
DA2: The Vortex DEMO
DA2: The Vortex DEMO
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemme) 2016-08-17

page not found D:

Zenok Blueraven Profile (207 Gemme) 2012-01-29

the mimic bracer was removed due to an issue with the new battle system

Freank Profile (2235 Gemme) 2011-12-06

<a href='' target='_blank'>This game is in the Video - Indiegames - Promo # 2 -</a>

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