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Call Me Young Kaleido Update 14/3 2017: 7 new levels!__ A new skin has been added to Kaleido!__ Colors have been tweaked slightly to reduce eyestrain.__ Death SFX by Eli Coutch implemented.__ WASD support implemented for those who wanted it.__ Tweaked some earlier levels.


Watch MetsuRjKen playtest the levels coming out tomorrow!


To celebrate MetsuRjKen's playthrough of Kaleido I've prepared a new update! Watch it here; __ 4 brand new levels! __ Almost all past levels got minor tweaks for clarification or aesthetical purposes. __ Particles spawn on death. __ Teleportation sound.__ Link to my Discord can be seen in the description! Come on and join us! (:


Select map interface expanded upon! You can now properly select all maps by flipping through the two pages avaliable! __ Map 23 tweaked further.


Enemies shoot at a rate of 0.2 instead of 0.5 in order to keep level design and mechanics consistent. __ Tweaking to map 22 and 23. __ Fixed bug where the navigator on "select map" screen didn't start at the correct place. __ Background music no longer resets when leaving a map. __ Timer has been rounded up whole numbers to bypass a bug where the timer gets tons of .0 after passing the 500 mark.


Fixed bug where player didn't go to the correct levels on the level select screen.__ 7 more levels added including the introduction of enemies! __ In order to go directly to the 34th map from the map select screen press "K" on your keyboard. This is temporary and the level screen will be expanded upon once testing is done.


New font for "level" and "timer". __ Particle effects when player lands! __ The number of the colour active is shown in bottom right per popular request. __ Map 14 tweaked to be more aesthetically pleasing.


I've added 10 levels to CMYK; this update introduces the concept of portals! __ Make sure to share your feedback and aid the future development of Kaleido! (: __ Minor tweaks to past levels has been made in order to make it friendlier to new players.__


Kaleido's 20th level updated to make it easier to understand and excecute.


Thanks to the great reception on Kaleido I have decided to continue development on this title after I am done updating the graphics of Tiki Taka TD! Make sure to press that ♡ so you get updates when the new maps rolls out! I'm aiming towards 100 maps total, but I will release them in batches of 20 at a time.


There is some issues with the firefox browser: Sound issues + Can't use 123 when two arrow keys are down. If these issues occur for you please opt for another browser with no issues (ex. Chrome).

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