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indiexpo Addons (2191 Gemme) 2017-11-29
Sekayo (2397 Gemme) 2017-04-24

oh. easy but nice! even if the colors are very strong... but the puzzles are perfect!

Amir (3879 Gemme) 2017-04-12

Oh! The music is amazing! It was born like a small project but now it's very cool! The sounds boost up this game!!

onebullet55 (1767 Gemme) 2017-03-10

great game! The puzzles are perfect! Add also a "Game Over" screen at the end of the game :)

Karma (4108 Gemme) 2017-03-06

Completed! (I hope... Because there's no write at the end) the new features are very good. The sprite's animation, the jump, the dust. Great job!

NovoG (1577 Gemme) 2017-03-06

oh, very cool the dust effect!

Eugor (2675 Gemme) 2017-03-01

very good work. it's easy and good! the design is very easy.. .but it works!

Asteroid2000 (82 Gemme) 2017-02-19

really good game, gives me flashbacks of the flash games from 2009

Karma (4108 Gemme) 2017-02-08

Added to my own to-do list! Today I will play the new levels!

CapZero88 (2823 Gemme) 2017-02-03

Completed! Five stars!Very nice puzzle game! It's not so easy and not so hard. Perfect. I love the main character. It's made very well! IMHO the font used for the timer/level can be improved... also like the main title. But the game is perfect! And you're already in the popular game list! Congratulations!

Karma (4108 Gemme) 2017-02-01

I'm blocked at the level 20 T_T

Mente77 (976 Gemme) 2017-02-01

oh, I like it! color switch!

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