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krustykrasty (177 Gemme) 2016-12-19

nice, but very difficult. you could spend some more time with level design, in order to give the player a chance to learn progressively how to interact with game's environment..

betterdead (67 Gemme) 2016-12-19


xX-Grove-Xx (502 Gemme) 2016-12-19

Short and funny! Nice puzzles! Improve the animation when he dies. It's totally different from the style of the game :P

Mosul (1105 Gemme) 2016-12-16

add the hashtag #LDJAM :P

Staff (3294 Gemme) 2016-12-16

Improve your description :)

iamhere (2476 Gemme) 2016-12-14

Is It a ludum dare game ? :)

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