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JEntertaiment (Tingkat 10) 2021-01-04
Great game!
freank_the_best (Tingkat 4) 2020-09-20
AMAZING GRAPHICS, how did you manage to make it look like paper? this site is the best in the world, thanks freank, you are the best
ronnye (Tingkat 15) 2017-03-26
Great entry.
aroscillo (Tingkat 6) 2016-10-22
Nice Work.
Step (Tingkat 9) 2016-09-24
improve it ! This can be a nice platform ! several bugs are only about the graphics !
Cantex76 (Tingkat 7) 2016-09-08
english game... italian description O.o. So... i'm blocked in the level 6, but it's very nice !! i love the white theme, even if there are several but above all on the stairs!
Jonathan Fish (Tingkat 16) 2016-08-14
Why the description is in Italian ? It's also in English ! It's very nice... Yes... There are some bugs in the chara's moving... But it works very good ! Good style. At the end of the level you can add a dashboard with your time, the best time and so on. I suggest u also to add a web version (if it's possible) and more stages. I hope to see also a sequel. Idea for you: the white vs the black :p
fats (Tingkat 12) 2016-07-17
Arrivato fino al livello 5!Sono 9 in tutto, giusto?Come gioco e come dinamica mi piace moltissimo! Veloce, rapido, snervante al punto giusto :D sono stato per un pò bloccato al livello 3 :P.Vi sono Bug a livello di collisioni... o in altre scene (quando sale le scale al livello 4) il personaggio sta "sopra" la parete. Per il resto molto scorrevole,le pose mi piacciono tantissimo! Le hai fatte tu? Altro suggerimento : quando finisci un livello fai andare in automatico al successivo!Lo continuerò!
fats (Tingkat 12) 2016-07-17
lo sto scaricando :) Presto un mio commento (e voto) ! :D
MyTrain (Tingkat 8) 2016-07-02
Where is the eng version ?
TheController (Tingkat 9) 2016-06-22
only italian ?
doom13 (Tingkat 7) 2016-06-19
Nice game
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