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01-02-18 -Added WAIT command to action bar. -Added WAYPOINT visual recognisition from each ACTION bar (makes a line to each waypoint) -Added a number to each WAYPOINT, that show which unit they belong to. -Various smaller fixes


31-01-18 -Fixed clearing of ARRAY for action buttons -Added EXECUTE game mode, prevent setting more waypoints and going into RTS before its played out -Added VERY simple AI´s


30-01-18 -Setting waypoints and their angles now only apply to left mouse -Changed the units selection method, so you dont have to deselect the selected unit first. -Added RTS mode Left mouse to move HOLD right mouse to look towards mouse -Added BREACH mode -Added UNIT selection (visual update: shows which unit you have selected) -Added ACTION set for each waypoint (these will appear in the bottom screen) still needs alot more work in order to work the way I want them to.


28-01-18 -Added better angle handling (when the units are moving) they look towards the end point of the RED angle setter -Unit selection have been slightly changed, you now have to deselect a unit before you can select another one.


23-01-18 Working on the waypoint system and the HUD -HUD : The selected unit now has a pop-out portrait going in from the left. -HUD : Added simple placerholder for [ACTIONS] -WP : Properly substract a number from the controllers WP numbers -WP : You can now set a angle which you rotate toward, while moving. -WP: Deletes both the WP and ANGLE when arriving at the "first" WP


Wanna follow my progress? come hang out when im streaming it from tuesday to friday at 8 CET - 12 CET - The focus of this week will be making the [Waypoint] system, so we can start moving the squad around, as if it where a tactial game ! #hype

Here is the link to my twitch channel - Im looking forward to seeing you guys there ! :D

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