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Want to be part of the game?
We are looking for translators! Our goal is to bring PT to as much people we can. We need a Japanese/French/Spanish translator

Silent Memories P.T (Update 2.0.0) has finally been released!
This took us a lot of time but it was worth.
You can now install the new update and please, let us know what do you think about it. Let us know also, if you encounter any bug or glitch. Enjoy!
#pt #silentmemories

Just 2 hours left before Update 2.0.0 gets finally released.
#pt #silentmemories

Silent Memories P.T (Update 2.0.0) will be released on 21/10/2020

We reach the conclusion of Update 2.0.0. It has been a troubled project also due Covid-19 that forced us to slow down the development.
Thank you all for your patience. #silentmemories #pt

Stay Tuned:
P.T Silent Memories Update 2.0.0 will be releasing in the next 48 hours.

We're taking time before releasing P.T's Update 2.0.0.
We want to add as many features as possible. This will be probably the last update to the game. We wish to focus on future projects. We want to give you the best RPG horror experience. Stay tuned.
#silentmemories #pt

We are looking for a Spanish/French/Japanese translator to extend available languages for P.T.
If you are interested, please contact us.
#silentmemories #pt

We are conscious that the images do not show the game itself, but we want you to experience the game without know nothing just discovering it by yourself.
#silentmemories #pt

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