Serenade of the Sirens Serenade of the Sirens
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0.5.22Minor update that includes doubling Seika’s starting mp, balancing ring items for boss fights, and updating enemy electric eel’s attack.#devlog

0.5.19 - Updating Level Countdown TimerUpdating level timer display. It's currently set to reveal a ghostly piranha, but I'll probably change this in the future. Maybe to something like a clock. Also added a visual and sound indication for attempting to buy something without the required note amount and for attempting to unlock a locked treasure chest without a key. Last but not least, updated the minimap button to show/hide the minimap and the new level display timer.#devlog

0.5.16General bug fixes and small tweaks to intro cutscene.#devlog

0.5.14 - Intro Cutscene Added in intro cutscene. #devlog

0.5.13 - Added Zone Completion Display Clearing a zone now displays how many gold pearls were obtained from the zone (WIP). #devlog

0.5.11 - Piranha Fish UpdateI have been and will be continuing to push a small series of updates. This new update contains tweaks to enemy piranha fish and bug fixes.#devlog

0.5.5 - Dash/Dodge AdditionUpdated the turbo mechanic into more of a dash/dodge. I wanted to give Seika the tools to get out of sticky situations and I believe the new mechanic does just that. Now turbo does a quick dash with invincibility frames! I will continue to tweak and refine this and other mechanics in future builds.#devlog

0.5.4An uneventful update with small tweaks and bug fixes.#devlog

0.5.3 - Increased Base Movement SpeedSmall update to increase Seika's base speed. As of now, the turbo button is only used to create after images of Seika. This update also makes notes and keys gravitate towards Seika.#devlog

0.5.1Small update to push changes for ghostly piranha​ and shark enemies.#devlog

0.5.0 - Upgrade Path Unlocked (Demo Version)Unlocked the full upgrade path for demo version. Also wiped saved data.Current- Unlocked upgrade path for demo version.
- Save wipe
What's Next- More abilities
- More items/treasures
- More gameplay tweaks and balancing

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