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KnightRider (Tingkat 7) 2019-03-02
a lot of players are loving this game! I have to try it!
RalphW (Tingkat 8) 2018-12-06
a classic puzzle/board game. Nothing special here.
Luis (Tingkat 17) 2018-01-29
nice board game
Naldo (Tingkat 8) 2017-12-19
Great game, lovely concept and really nice AI
Marco Sacchetti (Tingkat 10) 2017-12-08
la logica del gioco e' molto bella, pero' tutta l'interfaccia utente sarebbe da rifare. poco chiara.
Freank Profile (Tingkat 14) 2017-11-25
oh. very very nice. I like the board games. Try to play also my game, it's Tower Capture... and let's me know your feedback! About this game, me too hope to see the online version. I like your idea and design! Even if I prefer to have the settings in a different area. So to have the board clear to focus my mind only on it.
Karma (Tingkat 13) 2017-11-25
Can I play it online? I love this kind of game
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