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flykidsblue1 (Tingkat 10) 2020-08-05
This game was fun!
vinstriano (Tingkat 10) 2019-06-22
Great game idea
pierluigi mingo (Tingkat 3) 2019-05-01
veramente bello :)
AnthonyNkl (Tingkat 10) 2019-01-09
Great looking game! Love the gif-thumbnail!!
Gwenelan (Tingkat 3) 2018-10-14
Mmm, se provo a giocare online, mi mostra il logo di Unity e poi più nulla... sono io o non funziona?
Festuceto (Tingkat 1) 2018-08-18
Il gioco non ha l'eseguibile. Uploadate il gioco completo per favore.
GamesBox101 (Tingkat 13) 2018-07-24
taking too much time to play :-(
Luis (Tingkat 17) 2018-01-21
I played a longer version of this game. Now it's very short. The developers cut it
Helyees (Tingkat 6) 2017-12-20
Looks cool!!
Naldo (Tingkat 8) 2017-12-19
This is great. Love the artwork, and it plays so smoothly. It would have helped if I could move the camera to look down or something as it was hard to time the guards movement before descending. Music was as a little repetitive but still really good.
ScemEnzo (Tingkat 6) 2017-07-17
Avventura stupenda. Ho avuto modo di giocarla al Napoli Comicon e mentre lo provavo pensavo all'immensità del lavoro che ci dev'essere dietro.
Gran bel titolo made in Italy
Maurizio De Ang (Tingkat 4) 2017-05-29
Gioco bellissimo, provato a Svilupparty! E gli autori sono simpaticissimi :)
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