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UPDATE: I will be updating this game for you folks tonight. There is no new story elements, but there are new things to find, including your first taste of Kindness Charms, a currency that will be part of the game in future updates

UPDATE: Next update is now scheduled for Sunday of next week ( with a possible delay to Tuesday OCTOBER 18) . Check out our website for details

UPDATE: The next game update has been moved to Tuesday. Im working on adding a FFVII style ability system. Make sure to look at my website for more updates

I am updating the HTML 5 version of the game right now. Please wait for it to appear here. Thanks for waiting

I will now be updating the HTML 5 version of the game. Please DO NOT play for at least the next 40 minutes. Ill be giving the all clear in just a bit

The HTML version is ready HOWEVER, the official next update is Sunday at 2 AM PST. Want to play on the road? I will have a downloadable version ready for you in a few weeks

Please note: I am currently trying to upload the HTML version of the game. Please stand by

I have posted download links for both Mac and Windows users HOWEVER please note that those are from version P.1.0 and wont be updated until this Sunday

Depending on how much I get done tonight, next update will wither be tonight at 10:30 PM PST, or Sunday at our regular time of 2 AM PST.

Our next update for you all is tomorrow at 10:30 PM PST. Make sure to check it out. Chapter 1.20 will be officially completed by Sunday and will be downloadable via mac and Windows

I will have a little reveal tonight at 2 AM PST. Make sure to check it out

You can now play the game again. Update is now complete. Next update is scheduled for Sunday at 2 AM PST

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