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Oh, I haven't been here for ages! Okay, updates! The game in its current state is finished. There will be no updates.

BUT! I'm working (very slowly) on an enhanced edition of the game. Bare with me. This will take a lot of time, since I'm doing it in my free time and there is a huge amount of stuff I want to make better or that will be extended. Josh's story will get a bit more content and details. Some parts of the Erayu world will be recreated entirely! And I'm planing on adding an extra chapter. There will also be some new graphics here and there. The controls will be refined and also the combine menu.

So... it will be totally worth it to play it once more once it is finished. :) But again. This will take time! Don't expect it to be finished before... 2020 or so. xD

That's no joke. And I don't want to rush it. I love this game so much I will make it as perfect as I am able to do. It WILL be finished! Be sure of that. I always finish what I start.

And last but not least: It's so great to hear or read that people like this game so much. Thank you guys! This means so much to me! <3


Update 1.1.1 A mini-update, which fixes a logic issue with the snowmen puzzle. It wasn't possible to solve the puzzle without walkthrough, so I fixed it now :3

Have fun °u°/)

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