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Luis (Tingkat 17) 2018-01-21
One of the best point & click ever made! great arts, funny plot and so many puzzles. those are the main points of a great adventure game!
the ugly truth (Tingkat 11) 2017-03-18
Hahaha i love the monkey island quotes XD
Karma (Tingkat 13) 2017-01-04
iamhere (Tingkat 12) 2016-12-02
the best made with #ags !
cyberbach Profile (Tingkat 2) 2016-08-30
Looks great! Thanx for the game =)
unRoboto (Tingkat 8) 2016-05-22
one of the best point and click played by me ! <3
Gatsu87 (Tingkat 14) 2015-08-20
did it win something ?
AprilSkies Profile (Tingkat 10) 2014-02-06
Donald Dowell was nominated for AGS Awards 2013:
<br /> - Best Game Created with AGS for 2013 <br /> - Best Gameplay <br /> - Best Dialogue Writing <br /> - Best Original Story <br /> - Best Puzzles <br /> - Best Player Character (Donald Dowell) <br /> - Best Background Art <br /> - Best Animation <br /> - Best Character Art <br /> - Best Programming <br /> - Best Music
AprilSkies Profile (Tingkat 10) 2013-12-17
is finally out in its full ENGLISH version! Enjoy it!
AprilSkies Profile (Tingkat 10) 2013-08-14
Link to the Localisation Project:
AprilSkies Profile (Tingkat 10) 2013-08-14
There are ongoing works for the English localization of Donald Dowell, by the translation team Rum Corp(se) Localisation Pro, composed of the talented italian girls Claudia Mucavero e Marialuisa Ruggiero, authors of the excellent Italian localization of the game The Marionette.
Freank Profile (Tingkat 14) 2013-06-13
<a href=\'
YouTube Gameplay' target=\'_blank\'>This game is in the Video - Indiegames - Promo # 3 -</a>
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