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A new version for DOSA (1.3.5) is available! Download the full game or, if you already own it, just download the patch 1.3.5 from this link and follow the instructions. https://www.mediafire.com/?u197bre6j6wr7p0 PATCH LOG: Improved enemy and skill balance and experience gaining. Random enemy encounter rate lowered, improved maps, added savepoints. Now it'll be easier to understand where to go and you'lle have the chance to save more often.

Do you think DOSA still needs a lot of improvements? We also do. That's why we've officially started working on the new GLORIOUS PATCH 2.0. There's a lot of work we've planned to get done. There will be major improvements, addons and restyle of nearly everything in the game: one of the new features is a ton of new battle animations for the heroes, such as for skills, powers and Finals. We'll introduce the new Flashback Mode, which will allow you to play as the protagonist of a lot of completely new stories about the past of the Unu and his main personalities, by listening to the stories told by other members of the party and by the non playable characters around the universe. Because of that, there will be a lot of new maps, new free roaming phases and new side quests. It's not over: the 2.0 patch will bring an enormous amount of technical improvements based on what YOU suggested with your feedbacks and requests such as better enemy balancing, better skill learning system, better guiding to the achievement of missions and more, more, more! Thank you all for playing DOSA and for giving us the motivation to keep improving it; the future reserves the dawn of a totally new game experience, the Dawn of the Snake Age 2.0!

The new patch 1.3.4 for DOSA® is out! This is the final update for the game and it'll bring all the fixes and improvements you need. If you need to update the game, download it from the link below. If you never played the game, you can simply download the full version that'll be already patched with the latest updates. :) PATCH 1.3.4 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o4c68y2en868cyk/Dosa_Patch1.3.4.rar

The new patch 1.3.3 for DOSA® is now available with a bunch of improvements to the 1.3.0 version. Get it from the download section of the game's website. :) PATCH 1.3.3 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o4c68y2en868cyk/Dosa_Patch1.3.3.rar

A new patch is available for DOSA® is now available. It'll bring various bug fixes and improvements in level programming and object collisions. Just click on the link below or go on our website and get it from the download section. Have fun playing! :) PATCH 1.3 LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o4c68y2en868cyk/Dosa_Patch1.3.0.rar

Hey there! The patch 1.2 for DOSA® is now available. It'll bring several bug fixes and a lot of balancing improvements in enemy's AI and stats. Just click on the link below or go on our website and get it from the download section. We hope you have fun! :) PATCH 1.2 LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t7q7h1mbnq4kssc/Dosa_Patch1.2.0.rar ~ The Team of Chaostek Studio

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