Breaking Fat Breaking Fat
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Whatif (Tingkat 10) 2019-04-18
Amazing pixel art!
Staff (Tingkat 13) 2017-01-27
Short #Gameplay about Breaking fat!
iamhere (Tingkat 12) 2016-12-09
Please, can you add here also the previous PC version?
Carir (Tingkat 10) 2016-12-09
And the PC version... ? D:
NovoG (Tingkat 9) 2016-10-02
no other games made by santihisteria ? I saw it nominated in the last video about the interviews :D
Ura (Tingkat 7) 2016-09-27
can you add a gameplay about it ?
Jonathan Fish (Tingkat 16) 2016-08-14
are you continuing it ? if you fix the bugs and add new levels... it can be very nice ! the intro is amazing XD one of the best intro never saw XD
fats (Tingkat 12) 2016-06-13
There are only two short levels...
TheController (Tingkat 9) 2016-06-08
i'm downloading it ! it looks like interesting ! how is it long ?
Faruk (Tingkat 6) 2016-04-28
is there a videogameplay about it ? It looks nice...
Marius (Tingkat 13) 2016-04-28
nice game !! The screen is very clear ! I'm downloading it !
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