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lucyinthespace (Tingkat 15) 2021-02-11
Improve the description
TadHasGames (Tingkat 6) 2021-02-11
It's a nice rpg style game. The story moves along rather fast, it has decent game play, I liked it.
Tails_Strife Terverifikasi (Tingkat 14) 2021-02-09
stupid and funny, I like it... I have different hints 1 I love the script that you have put in this game for the "cutscenes" but when return to game you must wait one second first that an object or a person change or it is deleted, you can resolve only putting the script first of "cutscene" 2 in the map there aren't enough people or decorations and 3 the combat system is a little repetitive, I would have put magic attacks or something else...I hope that you take these hints for a next game
Kira (Tingkat 9) 2021-02-09
Improve the description
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