Yume Nikki

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Rpg Maker 2003

Yume Nikki (ゆめにっき) is a 2004 surrealistic adventure game. The game was created using RPG Maker 2003, but has few role-playing game (RPG) elements. Players explore the dreams of a hikikomori character named Madotsuki (窓付き). Traveling through her dreams, the player encounters surrealistic horror scenes, such as being swallowed by a large red sewer-creature.
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Yume Nikki
Yume Nikki
Yume Nikki
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CTGH Profile (1748 Gems) 2019-04-01

Very good

Luis (8439 Gems) 2018-01-21

they are making a sequel about it. I'm very curious

Heromerom (2903 Gems) 2017-02-13

Congratulations! You have a great game. Keep doing it and good luck! Best Game

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Yume Nikki
Yume Nikki
Yume Nikki
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