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Browser Game


YORG.io is a game about supply chains and zombies. Your goal is to build a base which survives the night, when zombies attack. Build defensive towers to protect your base. Towers need resources, so you have to build a supply chain using mines and processors. Try to survive as long as possible - can you beat your friends?
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Marius (Level 14) 2018-07-11
this game is very cool. My record is 19 days! 5/5 to play. absolutely.
Freank सत्यापित (Level 18) 2018-07-10
I saw it on reddit few weeks ago. it is great. a very nice game! I like this type of strategic games! Just a tip: the game becames hard very soon. I can enjoy of my "empire" XD and, uploading here a zip with an index.html with an iframe, it will be flagged as "online game", so... more players! And (the last) I know that it's not your goal, but will be very funny to play it with other players on the map!
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