XYDONIA - Early alpha

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Shoot em Up


XYDONIA is a classic arcade horizontal shoot 'em up inspired by the Japanese milestones of the genre, such as R-Type, Gradius and Darius. Our goal is to make a game that really brings you back to the arcade years, not just in a nostalgic way, but also with challenging gameplay and an overall entertaining experience.
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XYDONIA - Early alpha
XYDONIA - Early alpha
XYDONIA - Early alpha
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renato (Level 9) 2020-12-26
Loscar (Level 8) 2020-10-23
I played this game so time ago! Any news? was it released on steam? are the author still alive? XD
ScemEnzo (Level 6) 2017-07-17
Oh minchia santa, perchè questo gioco ha meno di 5 stelle?
La pixel art è strabiliante e lo shooter non ha nulla da invidiare a più ben noti shooter a scorrimento indie d'oltreoceano.
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