WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall

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Starts immediately after one of the WTC 2 : No Regrets For The Future epilogues.

With William on the loose and in partnership with a new set of friends, it's a testing time for Grendel, her family and especially The Council Of The Unseen.

NOTE : This is INCOMPLETE (some routes haven't been coded yet, nor tested) #vn #visualnovel #comedy

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Updated now with the basics of the main story (and is thus now properly completable). Graphics, music and sounds effects are still missing, of course, as are most of the secret scenes. There won't be any more updates until a proper demo is made.
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
WTC 2 - 3 : NightFall
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kalindor (Level 10) 2020-01-03

Very good to be just a tech demo

Triority Profile (Level 6) 2020-01-03

I'll upload a proper demo when it's completed, but this is a first look at the visual novel, which I hope to release in late 2020

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