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Yahoo (Level 12) 2024-05-19
The last update was over 2 years ago. Any news? Are you continuing it?
ConanOB (Level 6) 2023-03-23
I didn't know this engine. You make a great game. Is it possible to craft the items? Now I am playing it very fastly just to discover if there are other hidden features. lol
DiegoGramicciol सत्यापित (Level 18) 2022-07-27
This game is awesome, congratulation!
Eugor (Level 15) 2021-12-05
What... Over 35k players... This is crazy! Congratulations! I played it the last year
Yahoo (Level 12) 2021-10-07
Just watched the last update! Now it looks very cool! Great idea!
Marco Sacchetti (Level 14) 2021-07-27
Ormai uno dei giochi più popolari del sito. Lo si vede spesso in home e vedo che i commenti e i giocatori non fanno che salire. Una pixelart egregia, una storia ben narrata, animazioni perfette. Questo penso spiega il successo di questo titolo che tra l'altro funziona perfettamente anche su browser e computer non molto potenti. Continua così che ti creerai una fan base enorme!
Songoku (Level 10) 2021-07-27
看着不错 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Grattacroma (Level 7) 2021-04-25
Just tried the game, it is amazing! The graphics are very detailed and the combat is swift and fun! The atmosphere is well tailored and I have no other words to better describe this game! Good job!
Studio90 सत्यापित (Level 8) 2021-02-02
Hey there, sorry for posting here, but If you like RPG games, you should try out my game! baby-goat-billy
Staff सत्यापित (Level 16) 2020-12-11
Hi! We added Defold Engine in our Tools' List! Now you can update your infos with this new updates! #defoldengine
ronnye (Level 15) 2020-12-09
the new cover image (with the dragon) is very click bait XD
ThePresident (Level 9) 2020-11-04
How many pixel artistes in your team? The animations are great!
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