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Witchcrafter (demo)

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Witchcrafter: Empire Legends is a gripping platformer RPG in development, with a strong emphasis on dark fantasy adventure, fulfilled with vivid characters with own motives and experiences, set in a world full of witchcrafting, with a unique, interactive system of elemental magic.
#rpg #platformer #metroidvania #pixelart #indiegame #adventure #action #darkfantasy
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 12
New character in development for the game! Morana - is inspired by slavic mythology, goddess of winter and what it brings - harsh cold, pain, diseases and death!
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Witchcrafter (demo)
Witchcrafter (demo)
Witchcrafter (demo)
Witchcrafter (demo)
Witchcrafter (demo)
Witchcrafter (demo)
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ConanOB (Level 6) 2023-03-23
I didn't know this engine. You make a great game. Is it possible to craft the items? Now I am playing it very fastly just to discover if there are other hidden features. lol
DiegoGramicciol सत्यापित (Level 18) 2022-07-27
This game is awesome, congratulation!
Eugor (Level 15) 2021-12-05
What... Over 35k players... This is crazy! Congratulations! I played it the last year
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