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Rpg Maker 2003

It's the year 3097. A dreadful war between the humans and a strange alien race has raged for nearly three decades. To fill in the countless losses and calm the public discontent the government resorts to artifically bred Human-Alien-Hybrids. You take the role of one of those hybrids and learn first-hand what the war means for you and your kind.
भाषा: English  
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Heromerom (Level 12) 2017-02-13
Congratulations! You have a great game. Keep doing it and good luck!
Red-Cube Profile (Level 4) 2016-09-04
Well thanks! What do u think about the story? Have you made it to the end of Alpha Centauri yet?
Cange (Level 8) 2016-09-04
nice game ! it's a good work made with a tool like rpg maker !
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