Vea's Chronicles Vea's Chronicles
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Luis (8439 Gems) 2018-01-27

Is it in beta? When you fall down the arms are very strange

Magnus C (1572 Gems) 2017-10-12

is there just one room?

Freank Profile (3962 Gems) 2017-08-31

BUG: I'm moving the "big cube". During the movement, I pushed Z... and now I'm blocked. I can't "left" the cube. He's liked to the cube, forever. I like the pg design and I like that he watches some "objects", moving the head (like an "autofocus"). But his speed is very low.

Freank Profile (3962 Gems) 2017-08-28

Nice tip @ProjectIdra. Are you thinking to add a "pointer" for the bow? So I tried the alpha (few time ago). I like it and I hope to read news soon! It can be a very nice game! Are you thinking to make something like Zelda?

ProjectIdra (97 Gems) 2017-08-03

Ottimo lavoro, magari richiede qualche istruzione in più (come ad esempio la mira dell'arco). Anche se questo lo sai già ;)

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