Ultimate Reality

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Play in a Dimensional Pixelated Adventure in search of an entity that threatens to wipe out every reality in exsistence. Use your dimensional abilities to fight hordes of enemies in different environments! Discover the truth of your origins and of the mess that the Multiverse can be! Become the hero that every reality needs! #action #cyberpunk #platformer #pixelart
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This update brings a lot of quality control to Ultimate Reality. Bug Fixes: - You can no longer clip through a tile. This was an issue that has been haunting me for MONTHS. If you reach speeds greater than 10 at times, the character would clip and pass right through a platform. That has now been fixed. ​Future Features: - I will be adding a combo meter that will show...
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Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
Ultimate Reality
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MikeyBlighe (263 Gems) 2020-02-12

There is so much to like about this game! It's got the old school charm, a wise-cracking protagonist and a tonne of awesome moves to take out the bad guys, along with a variety of different things to do!

I struggled to navigate some of the levels, but that's probably just me being dumb! Keep up the awesomeness and can't wait for the full game!

Deneris (4507 Gems) 2020-01-26

Platform interessante mi piace soprattutto l'animazione iniziale però penso che debba inserire ancora qualcosa o migliorare che stage se vuole emergere tra i vari giochi

Dazzlinglatte (30 Gems) 2020-01-18

Loved the game and the bright colors used were beautiful. I made a let's play!!

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