स्वरूपण मदद 380
DCastillo Profile (925 Gems) 2019-07-04

its very difficult! but its a great minigame!

KnightRider (693 Gems) 2019-03-02

you are near to 1,000 players. wow

Boruto (605 Gems) 2019-02-09

nice but just a minigame. it's hard to decide to support a minigame like this.

ExplosiveCore (36 Gems) 2019-02-07

That's difficult! And there's a little lag in the beginning! But cool game.

Jordbersmak (127 Gems) 2019-01-25

@AnthonyNkl when are you coming to take back the top spot dude?

Gesan (329 Gems) 2019-01-13

you can play it one time. two times. but then it's repetitive.

Freank Profile (4444 Gems) 2019-01-11

Supported! I wait to see new games! Good luck!

Multiverse (506 Gems) 2019-01-04

813 too low.

RockMith (1270 Gems) 2018-12-15

very fast game! I liked it! Are you working on other games?

wearevenom (1405 Gems) 2018-12-08

third position in the chart :W:

TyrionL (3586 Gems) 2018-09-23

nice gif! I have to play it!

milinkl (36 Gems) 2018-09-21

Cute game :3 keep it up!

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