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Trivia Jump is now on coolmath games :O!

Are you ready for the biggest update yet!!
We got loads of new content!
-New Hats (with achievements to get them)
-Revamped Menu Screen
-Two Player Mode (found in extras)
-Stopwatch (found in extras)
-New Levels
-And some other stuff!
Have fun :)

Have you seen the Trivia Jump 2.0 Trailer? Check it out!
YouTube Gameplay

Trivia Jump is now an Award Winning game!! (New Jersey TSA 1st Place)! I'm super excited to bring you guys more content soon :)

Interested in Trivia Jump 2.0's Development? Watch development LIVE at https://www.twitch.tv/nyansword_ !!!

oops more new levels! 5 of those bad boys. Also we got an ending for all you ending lovers out there! Did somebody say music? We got music, thanks to ThaPredator. Check him out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaxdMdImNyhCTbrO2ql6Iqw

More levels baby! 5 more pretty difficult levels. That's why there is now an easy mode too! Have fun!

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