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Freank Profile (4291 Gems) 2013-06-13

<a href=\'
' target=\'_blank\'>This game is in the Video - Indiegames - Promo # 3 -</a>

Aironenero (255 Gems) 2013-05-01

ive got an error i have an ati radeon hd 6450 whit open gl 6.0 d3dx9_27.dll not found i have directx 11 <br />and a os 64 bit how to solve this problem?

Fourdee4d Profile (225 Gems) 2013-02-20

Thanks Des, really appreciate the feedback! <br />Unfortunately, The game engine used to create this work has its limits (this runs on the edge). So, i\'am looking elsewhere for a more powerful engine. Maybe in a future a bigger/better version, you never know :) <br />Thanks again

Destroya Profile (675 Gems) 2013-02-20

Ah Fourdee i have already written a post in 3d forum, in the contest\'s topic. Just wait till mod validate it.

Fourdee4d Profile (225 Gems) 2013-02-20

Hi Marius, <br />You\'ll need to have a Pixelshader 2.0/DX9 compatible card to start with. If you do, try to reinstall DirectX - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 , also check Visual C++ 2005 redist is installed. This is the 1st i\'ve seen this error in all testing/release. Let me know if that fixes.

Destroya Profile (675 Gems) 2013-02-20

Fourdee i\'m Des, i have tried your game and trust me is fu**ing amazing! It remind me an old race game for PS2 in which you could also choose some weapons and boosts, your game now have a good \"core\" from where you can set up a little jewel. <br />Graphic 8/10 <br />Audio 8/10 <br />Controls 9/10 <br />Difficult well calibrated

Marius (4150 Gems) 2013-02-20

OO Amazing screenshot !! I-It\'s fantastic ! <br />But when i click on the exe .. .there\'s an error : d3dx927.dll not found !! T_T <br />I want to play it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />Help me !!!!

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