Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha] Tony & Clyde [PreAlpha] DCF Studios
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Gale (Level 5) 2021-09-03
the design of this game is very good. good style, good plot. The artworks are not so great. You should improve it. The game is too good to have artworks like this. I played and I loved it. I hope that you will continue it!
garryblu (Level 5) 2021-04-03

YouTube Gameplay
Rating 9/10 stars for this game. I have some of problem like lagging cause I can't reload my shotgun and I can't shoot for a sec. But this game is cool. Design, Input control, Action is the best :D. Maybe you need to add more of option like new game, load game, setting, etc.
wearevenom (Level 12) 2021-03-14
I played also your other games. But the style of this one is the best! You have to continue to focus your energy on this title!
Studio90 सत्यापित (Level 8) 2021-02-01
Hey, sorry for posting here, i just released a big content update of my game, please check it out and let me know what you think :)
Mayer (Level 9) 2020-12-18
Another tag could be #mafia or #lowpoly?
ThePresident (Level 8) 2020-11-04
This is your masterpiece
Paul (Level 6) 2020-09-20
Cool and hard
YouTube Gameplay
MikeyBlighe (Level 6) 2020-09-18
Got to say right off the bat that I loved the opening credits. The character designs are reminiscent of GTA, which isn't a bad thing!
As for the game itself, I had a few issues here and there, but what I did play I really enjoyed! There's definitely still a lot of groundwork to be done, but I trust that the devs are beavering away to improve the game! I'll be keeping an eye on the progress of this one!

YouTube Gameplay
Coopa (Level 10) 2020-08-20
inspired by Pulp Fiction?
Zachurrate (Level 6) 2020-08-17

YouTube Gameplay
Enjoyed my time with this quite a bit. Will be keeping an eye out for further updates. Art Style and Music have me most excited.
BBads (Level 11) 2020-08-16
Can you add in the long description the plot of this game?
kalindor (Level 13) 2020-08-14
Why did you add only images about the artworks? Add also screenshots of the gameplay! It is great
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