Tomb Of The Ancients

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Venture into the long abandoned tombs of an ancient civilisation to reveal it's many mysteries and the treasures hidden within. A Diablo inspired click-to-move action RPG complete with equippable gear and awesome special attacks and visuals. HINT: Rumor has it, that the tomb contains some extremely rare loot! This game was created in #LDJAM 2016 by a team of five.
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Tomb Of The Ancients
Tomb Of The Ancients
Tomb Of The Ancients
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Fellowplayer Profile (21892 Gems) 2018-01-05

I like this 3D style of game.

Mente77 (976 Gems) 2016-09-28

nice but short ! :) I follow ... and hope that you will continue it :) (nice the ui like diablo :DDD)

Staff (2786 Gems) 2016-09-09

Your game is in "Ludum Dare Games" Video :

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