वीडियो The Zebra-Man! वीडियो

The Zebra-Man!

60 खिलाड़ी - 10 सदस्य सदस्य
The Zebra-Man! is a hyper-charged action game with brutal fist fights and blood spilling in your wake.
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The Zebra-Man!
The Zebra-Man!
The Zebra-Man!
टिप्पणियां 10
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RealTidus (Level 13) 2024-02-26
hahahahahahahah this game is totally CRAZY. Something new. I didn't aspect a pixel art game so splatter!
Yahoo (Level 12) 2023-10-26
This game is madness!!!
Marco Sacchetti (Level 14) 2023-03-08
I want to support it on Kickstarter! It is good. Totally crazy (and sometimes no sense) but funny to play. Great work
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