The Mimic

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After crash landing on the planet of Asmeuria, our hero finds himself among the race of the Ilari. He will have to use shapeshifting Mimic powers and a gun, to take back a sacred cave, from a gang of machine gun wielding space crocodiles, to help an alien race return you to the stars. This sci-fi/fantasy/action arena shooter will test all your quick reflex skills. Ludum Dare 35
भाषा: English  
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The sequel to this game will be called Skipchaser. Google it :)
The Mimic
The Mimic
The Mimic
The Mimic
The Mimic
The Mimic
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Luis (8933 Gems) 2018-01-21

oh. this is very nice. with a great assets. Are you making new games?

iamhere (2502 Gems) 2016-12-02

position in the contest... ?

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-15

I have the same problem of mytrain

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