The Lone Chameleon

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Rpg Maker MV

The Lone Chameleon is a 2D platformer puzzle-game with original gameplay and simple mechanics. You control 4 characters with specific strengths and try to get them out.

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Dear players, The Lone Chameleon is now available on Steam. It's a longer version, with a lot more levels (some rather easy, some really difficult). I hope you'll like it :)
The Lone Chameleon
The Lone Chameleon
The Lone Chameleon
The Lone Chameleon
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TyrionL (Level 12) 2018-03-03

is it your only game? just on steam? Seriouslly?

iamhere (Level 11) 2016-12-02

where is the online version ? D:

Step (Level 9) 2016-09-24

I love when the developers use a tool beyound its limits :)

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